Peters Expands Lead over Land in MI U.S. Senate Race

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Snyder, Schuette, and Johnson Lead by 4%
Peters Leads Land by 13%

October 2, 2014

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Congressman Gary Peters greatly expanded his lead over former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land in the Michigan U.S. Senate race, while Governor Rick Snyder maintains his lead over Democratic challenger, former U.S. Congressman Mark Schauer according to a Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell Poll of Michigan. Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson both lead their Democratic opponents by 4%.

According to the Fox 2 Detroit/Mitchell Poll,Gov.Snyder leads Schauer by 4% (46%-42%). In a September 14th Mitchell Poll, the governor led 46%-41% while Peters led 43%-41%. In the September 29th poll, Snyder has 46%, Schauer 42%.
Libertarian Mary Buzuma 2%, U.S. Tax Payers Mark McFarlin 2%, Green Party Paul Homeniuk <1%, and Undecided 8%.

In the U.S. Senate Race, Peters has 49%, Land has 36%. Libertarian Jim Fulner 3%, U.S. Tax Payers Richard Matkin 1%, Green Party Chris Wahmhoff 1%, and Undecided 9%.

The automated survey of 1,178 likely voters in November’s General Election was conducted Sept. 29, 2014 by Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. for Fox 2 News (WJBK-TV) in Detroit and has a margin of error + or – 2.86% at the 95% level of confidence.

“Governor Snyder’s lead has stabilized at around 4%-5%, where it has been for most of September, after dipping down to a one per cent lead in mid-July. However, we are picking up a tremendous amount of volatility in the United States Senate Race,” Steve Mitchell CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications said.

“Two weeks ago we had Peters up by only 2%, today we are showing him up by 13%,” Mitchell added.

In the campaigns for Secretary of State and Attorney General, incumbent Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette leads Democratic challenger Mark Totten by a 4% margin (43%-39%) while incumbent GOP Secretary of State Ruth Johnson also leads Democrat Godfrey Dillard by 4% (41-%-37%).
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“Governor Snyder’s job approval of (51%) is still higher than his favorability (45% favorable- 42% unfavorable). Schauer has near even favorability at 35% favorable – 33% unfavorable,” Mitchell, said.

A look at key demographics in the Governor’s race shows:

• By Party Affiliation (42% identified themselves as Democrats and 37% as Republicans):

o Snyder support among GOP voters is 85%-8%.
o Schauer leads with Democrats 80%-11%.
o Among the key independent voters, Snyder is up 46%-33%.

• By Gender:

o Snyder leads with men 48%-44% and leads with women 45%-40%.

• By Race:

o Snyder leads with Caucasians 53%-37% but trails with African-Americans 80%-12%

• By Area Support :

o Schauer leads in Detroit 79%-8%.
o Snyder leads in Wayne County outside of Detroit 55%-27%.
o Snyder leads 49%-38% in Oakland County
o Snyder leads 61%-35% in Macomb County
o Schauer leads 52%-38% in Flint/Saginaw/Bay City/Thumb Area
o Snyder leads 48%-44% in in Mid-Michigan including Monroe and Washtenaw
o Snyder leads 53%-38% in West Michigan
o Schauer leads 46%-32% in Northern Michigan/UP

“Snyder has maintained a consistent lead across the major demographics,” Mitchell said.

There has been a major move in the U.S. Senate race.

A look at key demographics in the U.S. Senate race shows:

• By Party Affiliation  (42% identified themselves as Democrats and 37% as Republicans):

o Peters has 87%-4% Democratic Party support
o Land has 77%-13% Republican Party support.
o Among the key independent voters, Peters leads 49%-23%.

• By Gender:

o Peters leads with men 49%-40%, Peters leads with women 50%-33%.

• By Race:

o Peters leads with Caucasians 46%-42%.
o Peter’s leads with African-Americans 81%-10%.

• By Area Support:

o Peters leads in Detroit 77%-8%.
o Peters leads 50%-39% in Wayne County outside of Detroit.
o Peters leads 54%-30% in Oakland
o Land leads 49%-39% in Macomb
o Peters leads 58%-35% in Flint/Saginaw/Bay City/Midland/Thumb Area
o Peters leads 50%-36% in Mid-Michigan including Monroe and Washtenaw
o In her home area of West Michigan, Land leads Peters 46%-37%
o Peters leads 51%-28% in Northern Michigan/UP

“Peters has broadened his lead with both men and women. Peters seems to be doing well across the board,” Mitchell concluded.

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