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Governor Snyder Announces Suspended Refugee Efforts

November 17, 2015

EAST LANSING, MI- Governor Snyder announced on Sunday night that he would be suspending efforts allowing Syrian refugees to take shelter in Michigan. The statement was made in light of the terrorist attacks that occurred Friday night in Paris, France. Many Michigan citizens were appreciative of the swift decision by Snyder, whose goal is to make Michiganders feel safe in their homes. Snyder said that although he wants to stop any further efforts to relocate the refugees to Michigan, he will not send away the twenty Syrian refugees that have already been placed.  These refugees have gone through a comprehensive screening process lasting over a year, and Snyder said it will be up to homeland security if they want to vet the refugees any further. The issue is a contentious one with many Democrats who believe that this is the worst message we can send to Middle East countries at this time. They believe the United States hurts itself with other Arab countries when we bar the Syrian refugees from our shores.

Supporters of Snyder’s decision to put a hold on allowing Syrian refugees into the state are now questioning how long the decision will last. They have been opposed to any Syrian refugees coming into our country since President Obama announced he would be doing so.  They say that there is no way of determining which ones are terrorists and point to the fact that one of the Paris terrorists was using a Syrian passport as proof of their assertion.  They want Michigan to do what Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin have done and oppose the Federal government’s stance on allowing refugees into America at all.

Supporters say the Governor’s current position is doing what it takes to keep Michigan citizens feeling as safe and secure as possible. In a statement released on his official Facebook page, Snyder called for the Federal government to conduct a “full review of security clearances and procedures for all refugees who have the potential to be placed in Michigan.” For now, it is the Governor’s hope that Syrian refugees will be denied access to the state until the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State can revise the security clearance procedures to be up to Michigan’s standards. However, since this is a federal issue, it is doubtful any state, no matter how opposed, can prevent the federal government from locating Syrian refugees in it if the U.S. government wants to do it.

*UPDATE 11/20/2015*

The controversy over whether the United States should take in refugees has been a major topic in media coverage over the past week. Since publishing the initial post three days ago after Snyder’s announcement, many polling agencies have collected public opinion data on what action the United States should take in helping refugees.

A poll conducted by Rasmussen on November 19th that found 60% of Americans oppose bringing refugees into the country, while just 28% are for bringing in refugees in. Eleven percent (11%) are undecided. The number of Americans who agree with Obama’s overall plan to admit 10,000 refugees are similiar, with 63% opposing, 23% in favoring, and 14% undecided. Many of these opinions are stemming from the fear that giving refugees political asylum in America will result in our national security being compromised.

Previous to the terror attacks in Paris, Americans were already less confident about their security in the United States. A survey conducted on November 12th by Rasmussen found that 39% of Americans believe ISIS/Terrorists are winning the war on terror. Twenty-eight percent (28%) feel that the United States/Allies are winning, and 26% say neither.

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