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Trump Leads with GOP Primary Voters in MI


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September 19, 2015                       Contact: Steve Mitchell – (248) 891-2414

Trump Leads with GOP Primary Voters in Michigan

(Trump 26% – Carson 21% – Fiorina 12% – Rubio 11%)

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Donald Trump is leading his Republican challengers among those who would vote in the Michigan GOP Presidential Primary next year according to a Mitchell-FOX 2 Detroit Poll of Michigan conducted last night. Trump with 26% leads Carson at 21% with Carly Fiorina in third with 12% and Marco Rubio in fourth with 11%.  Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are tied for fifth at 6%.  Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, and John Kasich are all in the low single digits. 11% of likely Republican Primary Voters were undecided.

The automated survey of 700 likely March 2016 Michigan Republican Presidential Primary voters was conducted by Mitchell Research & Communications September 18, 2015, two nights after the CNN debate featuring the top 9 candidates. The Poll has a Margin of Error of + or – 3.7%.


“Trump has a solid lead in Michigan with likely voters in next year’s Republican Primary, but he does not have the overwhelming lead here that he has in other states.  With so many candidates splitting up the vote now, the question remains as to whether or not Trump will gain support as the field eventually gets smaller, or whether those voters who support more traditional candidates will support anybody but Trump,” Steve Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. said.

Fiorina was overwhelmingly regarded as the winner of the CNN debate last Wednesday with 36% calling her the winner of the 9 way debate.  Trump at 17% was second followed by Ben Carson at 13%, Marco Rubio scored 8%, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz both came in at 3%, John Kasich got 2%, Mike Huckabee 1%, and finally 0% of those surveyed said Scott Walker was the winner. 18% of the GOP Primary voters were undecided.  “Fiorina had a strong debate performance. However, that has not yet translated into a major uptick in her support amongst likely Michigan Republican Primary Voters. That could be due to the fact she is still a largely unknown candidate at this stage in the race,” concluded Mitchell.

Republican Primary Ballot Question:

Aug 10             Sept 18

Trump             20%                 26%

Carson              12%                 21%

Fiorina             15%                 12%

Rubio               10%                 11%

Bush                12%                   6%

Cruz                  8%                   6%

Kasich               8%                   4%

Huckabee         4%                   2%

Walker               4%                   1%


Winner of GOP Primary Debate:

Aug 10             Sept 18

Fiorina             N/A                  36%

Trump               21%                 17%

Carson              10%                 13%

Rubio               14%                   8%

Bush                  5%                   3%

Cruz                  8%                   3%

Kasich               8%                   2%

Huckabee         4%                   1%

Walker               3%                   0%

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