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EAST LANSING, MI – Mitchell Research & Communications is integrating geofencing into their list of services available to clients. Geofencing is a new method of marketing used by political candidates, businesses, and various organizations to more precisely target potential voters or clients. Geofencing works by creating a “virtual fence” around a certain geographic area. When smartphone users enter that area and use applications on their phones, an advertisement is displayed with discounts, messages, alerts, or other information.

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Geofencing is used in many advertising campaigns for companies looking to gain product recognition, but it is also a pivitol tool in the political realm. Crafting specfic messages that will reach voters has never been easier with geofencing tools. Candidates can target certain districts, townships, and cities — or certain demographic groups such as voters under 40 — where they want their brand or platform to be heard. If a certain area is not familiar with a candidate, that candidate can use geofencing to increase their name recognition and promote their brand. Potential voters who are opted-in to geofencing can receive reminders about campaign events, voter registration areas, fundraisers, and information on when and where to vote. Geofencing is not only great for the candidate to promote their brand, it is also beneficial to those citizens who are looking to be more aware but who don’t want to go out of their way to do it. Traditional methods such as phone research or online polling are still viable ways to collect data for a client, but geofencing provides an innovative way to make contact with younger and technologically savvy voters. Geofencing is currently being used by many large corporations, but Mitchell Research is hoping to bring this technology to the local level.

For more information on the geofencing service provided by Mitchell Research & Communications, contact Steve Mitchell at (248) 891-2414.

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